• China's textile exports is returning to rapid growth this year

    Since this year,China's textile export is  keeping increase rapidly. Industry sources say that China’s textile exports is keeping increase rapidly due to the increasing demand
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  • Textile’s vision in 2015: competition increased, recovery period’s coming

    Textile industry has always been an important pillar in China and it moved on quickly after the reform and opening especially, we’ve made historic achievements because of the  increased expo
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  • The raw material cost made the great pressure

    Learned through the analysis of textile industry,Textile industry growth slowly is caused by multiple factors. Public policy is one of the factors, at the
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  • The quality problem of import cotton come out in 2014.

    During January to October in 2014, the quality problem of import cotton come out, its’failureRate has reached 10.61%, and increase 2.27% compared to last year. The increasing batch of failure rate cot
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  • China's textile industry still faces various unfavorable factors in 2004

    As the forecast of the China textile industry association,  the situation which China's textile industry facing is complicated this year, Although the 
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